Diversity & Inclusion

    We want all people to be socially and economically empowered. 

    Explicit or implicit biases are present in every work environment, 在不同的地域和文化中,它们会有很大的差异, and they often result from a complex combination of traditional power structures, 经济或种族阶层的分类, 以及对性别的态度. Prohibiting any form of discrimination is the necessary framework for creating work opportunities and career advancement.


    无论是在推荐几个足彩外围app的组织内部, 或者贯穿推荐几个足彩外围app的供应链, 推荐几个足彩外围app认识到多样性的重要性和价值. 推荐几个足彩外围app在内部建立了包容性, Diversity and Quality Council of Olam (IDEO) to help embed equality, 开放与归属感. 在供应链中, we’re addressing regional and cultural barriers to improve farmer livelihoods, 尤其是对女性农民来说, 年轻人和少数群体.

    Read more about some of the activities we undertook last year in our latest annual report.


    • Our Fair Employment Policy that covers our operations for all forms of diversity
    • Dedicated training sessions and support for female farmers, 通过产品供应链进行性别报告
    • 推荐几个足彩外围app的供应商守则, which stipulates third-party suppliers “encourage gender equality, 平等机会和赋予妇女权力”.



    Olam’s ambition to improve smallholder livelihoods can’t be fully achieved without addressing gender equality.


    Outtara’s story can be an inspiration for many seeking a better life for their families.


    “With the Flor do Café project I learned about coffee quality and by that I added value to my product."